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: INNER SCIENCE NEW ALBUM"Elegant Confections" on bandcamp
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Much talented INNER SCIENCE, who "doesn't fit into any existing category," but pursues his own electronic music has finally released his first album in four years!
It consists of the Original disc, which brings the elegantly flowing rhythms intertwining with clear electronic sound in bold but delicate manner, and the Ambient disc, which strips down and even deconstructs the original tracks. A great body of work that is sure to symbolize the beginning of 2011 with powerful and unique creativity.


●Cat# : PLCD-1001 (2discs)
●Price : ¥2,450 (with tax)
●Format : 2CD
●Label : Plain Music
●Distribution : Ultra-Vybe inc. (Japan)


Digital (worldwide)
Physical (worldwides shipping)

[ DISC 1 - Original Version - ] (11tracks)

.elegant confection  
3.inconstant eict / 4.attract each other
5.resonance theory / 6.vent
7.momentary spread
8.unravel a knot 
.come along / 10.accept each other
11.end of the beginning

Elegant Confections - original digest by PLAIN MUSIC
[ DISC 2 - Ambient Version - ] (8tracks)

.seep away
3.inconstant fict
4.unravel a knot
5.path to be followed
6.momentary spread
7.resonance theory
8.come along

Elegant Confections - ambient digest by PLAIN MUSIC

<「Elegant Confections」 liner notes >

The existing formula doesn't quite work to grasp, and the usual discourse of whether it should be listened on the dancefloor or a bedroom can not be applied to his music. Rather, it gives the listeners freedom to interpret while presenting his core aesthetics. Among various instrumental music that stemmed from hip hop, this could probably be the most joyful outcome of all. Listening to INNER SCIENCE's new album "Elegant Confections" makes me strongly believe so.

"Elegant Confections" by INNER SCIENCE, a solo project of Masumi Nishimura, is his fifth full length after four years from the release of the previous "Forms." During that time, he found his own private label <PLAIN MUSIC> , and has released six records. I will not go into details here, but he has also worked on various remixes and collaboration works on top of his work as mastering engineer. Not to mention his vigorous performances as a DJ and a live act. I had been seeing him quite often myself, at many occasions where I heard him playing and also listening to his materials, so I don't feel like there has been such a long break. Anyhow, the fruit of what he acquired through those experiences came together as "Elegant Confections" and now is delivered to us.

Compared to its predecessor, I asked him whether he made any big changes in production methods, and he gave me a very interesting answer. "I have used less samples from
records, and now I use my own recording as sound source. Because, I started to wonder how much potential I would have if I could separate individual sound from for example, a piano loop I used to sample from records. So, instead, I played it myself and contracted each element on my own. I often layered similar sounds on top of each other." For instance, the water-like sound you can hear in the track "Inconstant fit" which may seem simple, is actually of multiple layers (to make another note, I also found the way he used the cowbell sound of TR-808 in this track incredible. Have I heard any cowbells sounding so subtle yet beautiful?) Such "motion" of tones that brings richness to the composition can be recognized even more in the Ambient version.

Additionally, speaking of change, it is also noteworthy that more tracks are based on four on the floor than before. Although kick drums quite simply beat in 4/4, his tracks don't really fit into the straight techno or house style. "I think I have two reasons why I have more four on the floor tracks. One, because it has become the way I perform my live set. My set is no longer all about break beats. Another is, I'm not necessarily interested in the 4/4 beats, but more in how I can make different kind of beat music. Not in the way that I would like to just combine minimal techno and live instrument, but in a more ambiguous sense. Using some of the drum breaks that I never used before."

Beautiful melodies crafted with intricate layers of sounds, together with drum breaks thrown into the time frame of four on four beats, deliver graceful and emotional feelings. Even in comparison to those cutting edge beatmakers in Europe and in the United States (the music often categorized as "beats,") his compositions are particularly creative. "I deliberately go in between the gap of genres" he once told me in jest. However in true sense, I think he has pioneered into a new horizon which in my opinion, represents the true hip hop spirit. That, to me is what I have described as "the most joyful outcome" in the beginning. I have no hesitation to say "Elegant Confections" as INNER SCIENCE's most representative masterpiece to date.

Kazumi Namba, November 2010

Photo by Miho Kakuta

A solo project by Masumi Nishimura. In which he creates an original kind of electronic music using his signature shimmering tones and melodies along with a wide spectrum of rhythms that is uncategorisable to conventional genres. In his performance, he plays his own materials by editing and applying dub mix on the fly, or DJs with broad selection of records that reflects his diverse musical tastes, not only in clubs and live venues, but also in multimedia/ art events, as well as at open air parties catering many types of audiences day and night.

Since 2004, he has also been active as "PORTRAL," which is an ambient project. He has released 12inches and albums, and has played many live sets under that moniker.

Some of the recent works include the production of music for a planetarium in Tokyo called Miraikan, contributing a track to a charity project of a Los Angeles based radio station Dublab, a remix of ASLOPE's "A Helping Hand" on Opiate's Danish label Hobby Industries, and a remix of highly acclaimed Japanese band 9dw, while also working as mixing or mastering engineer for other fellow artists, and running his own label Plain Music releasing 12inches and T-shirts.




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